Tuesday, June 19, 2007

turning fluff into yarn

How hard could it be to spin wool into gold, i mean, yarn? With rumplestiltskin as my muse, and a glance through the accompanying spinning instructions, i was spinning, and tearing, and butchering the beautifully carded, smooth roving.

i had to eventually rely on my good friend google to show me the way. like the hero she is, she took me to the joy of spinning complete with videos. the technique was still hard to grasp, the yarn came out a little too tight in some places, loose in others, the thickness wasn't a bit consistant, nor was my method of holding the batt in one hand and plying the yarn with the other. problems I had were pulling too hard on the batting while drafting & then tearing it apart from the rest of the batting. this happened repeatedly, and i tried my bestest to attach the next piece to the yarn. there has to be a better way...

upon visiting shuttleworks, and asking a living, breathing human being about which fibres are good for beginner spinners, he not only directed me to the yummiest pre-wound batts (8 oz.), but proceeded to show me how to draft, and how much to draft. a breath of fresh air.

so here it is, colours beautifully blended, and delicious. it may not be gold, but it's close for us yarn-o-holics... just need to find a project worthy enough to use it.

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