Thursday, June 7, 2007

we love you, we really do!

Friends scoffed at it. "what is that?" "you put tissues in there?" "like, why?". Well, belittle no more as there are people out there that appreciate the quiet beauty in the hand made tissue cozy, and they flock to our shop in droves. They find the fabric combinations - pleasing to the eye, the linen - rough, yet sophisticated, the accent patterns- delightful or bold, each hand cut leaf - exquisitely and masterfully cut, and the buttons - carefully selected to compliment the whole. They hold the tissue cozy delicately in their palm, like admiring a little piece of artwork. They love it, they cherish it, they long for their nose to run so that they may pull it out, to show it to the world or anyone who may be watching, and of course, to put it to use.

So it came to be knittle's first mass order, and it was finally completed yesterday after much cutting, sewing, hand emboridering & more cutting this weekend. Yes, that's right, a dozen tissue cozies were ordered for a gift shop retailer in Illinois. It is our largest custom order, and has subsequently turned my living room/assembly line into a GIANT MESS! My husband would say "what's new?". Can you guess the theme???

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