Saturday, October 10, 2009

Introducing Knit Armour Collection - Alberta Fashion Week 2009

Knittles has embarked a new adventure, an official foray into the fashion scene of Calgary. We showed our very first runway collection for Alberta Fashion Week, this Wednesday, October 7th at Seven Lounge.

We had been busy creating our line of wearable accessories and clothing to combat the harsh Calgarian winters. Inspired by the cold urban environment and the process of building, this line of Knit Armour has elements of deconstruction, glimpses of vibrant colours amidst a sea of cold neutrals, and small sanctuaries of natural elements symbolized by handcrafted wood & ceramic buttons.

The reception we received for our collection was both flattering, and heartwarming. Many thanks to Alberta Fashion Week for allowing us to share our work to the budding fashion community of Calgary.

Photos by Faby Martin © 2009
Models in order of appearance from top left to right, Katrina Cheung, Amy Horne, Brian Sew, Denise Wong.
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