Monday, June 11, 2007

my new favorite craft store...

discovered shuttleworks with friends on saturday. love, love, love the shop that is located just south past the city limits. originally wanted to go there for the brown sheep, lamb's pride yarn that is only available there. what i found was a dream store for fibre enthusiasts. yarn, shelves and shelves of neatly organized mostly natural yarns (wool, cotton, silk, flax, soy, cashmere) in large skeins (100g and up) and cones (i've always wanted to buy a cone of yarn), and spinning batts, and all sorts of paraphenalia for knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, dyeing, and all things fibre related.

the owner was very helpful in guiding me to beginner's spinning fibre, already in skeins and ready to spin. the colours were delicious and i settled for "camoflage" my typical colours of emerald & lime green, and chocolate, and also "toffee" a wonderful mix of rasperry, light yellow, and brown. i also left with 14, yes 14 skeins of yarn (lots of lamb's pride wool/mohair, some spun wool/flax tweedy yarns, and some cotton fleece - cotton/wool), for personal projects, as well as for the upcoming fall designs for our shop. it couldn't be helped, but i did promise myself that this was THE LAST yarn excursion - that i have to use up most of my yarn stash before buying any more. we'll see how long that lasts.

must send a shout out to my friends marce, lola, and yukiko for indulging in my addiction.

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Sylvia said...

Good for people to know.

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