Monday, February 23, 2009

new photographer in the house...

We're always experimenting with different techniques and settings for our product shots, changing locations constantly, and testing out new equipment (like the flash i got for xmas). My bro was over yesterday, visiting with little K, when I wrangled him into taking some photos of me modeling new items. To be honest, he's the real photographer in the family (I just try to look the part with my Canon Rebel & multitude of lenses), and he once again explained to me the fundamentals of photography... focus, ...uh exposure....and i forget the third. The afternoon was not a waste, for I did learn something, how to adjust the aperture so that photos taken in low light don't become blurry, as well as adjusting the custom white balance setting (sound smart, don't I?)

Anyways, here's the results of our quick, impromptu photo shoot. Boxtox (or photoshop) may be needed in the near future, as I seem to have a forhead dimple that shows itself in nearly every photo.

He is good, isn't he?

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