Friday, March 19, 2010

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We are so glad that Kate of Orchard Farm sought us out for a trade; a woolly helm for her delicious products. We chose some soaps, lip balm, and some lotion bars, all of which are absolutely delightful to use. We ended up going back for some more, and more, and will be putting in another order very shortly.

Orchard Farm's organic farm is located in northern Idaho, where they believing in working & living sustainably. They grow the food they eat and create all natural products that have ingredients that are fair traded or organic, or grown on their very own farm. They create a variety of products ranging from soaps, lotion bars, soy candles, lip balm, and loose leaf tea to name a few.

My favorite product thus far is the peppermint lotion bar. It melts in your hands and leaves them moist (not greasy), with the faint aroma of invigorating pure peppermint oil. This winter has be especially dry and has left me with chapped, and cracked hands. Kate's lotion bar has saved my hands and have even healed the one crack that wouldn't stop bleeding. Every friend or family that has so much as touched my bar has needed to place an order for one (or two) for themselves (hence the next order very shortly).

I can't say enough of her products, you simply have to feel them, and use them to appreciate the love & artistry of them. They are good for you, good for the earth, and of course, it is always great to support handmade.

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