Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Friend

So I've made a new friend, one that my husband refers to as being unacceptable and must be put away after she scared him when he went downstairs. She was just sitting there, innocently, quietly, and unobtrusively, ready for a photo shoot. He walked right past her, into the next room, and then out of the corner of his eye he noticed the headless form, and that's when he screamed like a little girl (or so I imagine). I'll call her Stella, and she was quite the deal that I couldn't pass up at a garage sale this weekend. An old, 1970's style dress form (or a headless mannequin as he refers her to) that will be perfect for taking photos of any neck or body knitwear that we will be designing when a photoshoot with a living, breathing model just isn't possible (or when I'm too anxious to upload a new design that I can't wait to do a proper photoshoot). I must admit, I do prefer being on this side of the camera ;)

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