Thursday, May 24, 2007

My name is M.

colds suck.
my nose is raw.
i hate coughing.
stranded on the couch, watching dr.phil yell at his guests.
colds suck.

so i'll try to make the best of it and start a blog, something that i've wanted to do in a long time. fill it with inspiration, with yarn, with knitting patterns, to reach out and become a part of the knitting community since i don't have a local group of friends that appreciate the texture, the softness, the fibres of yarn. no one i know pets skeins of yarn, rubs it on their cheeks, and drools over the colours. they don't spend hours in a yarn store - yes they do exist, walls upon walls, cubbies filled with yarn, different patterns, different colours, different fibres, some soft, some nubbly, some chuncky, some fine and refined. Dont' get me started on knitting books, showcasing things you can make from yarn, hats, sweaters, scarves, lace, intarsia, cables, simple, intricate. yes, i have an addiction, i love yarn and all that can be done with yarn.

My name is M. i am a yarnaholic.

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